Verizon tests new LTE network

Verizon Wireless is testing a new LTE-based network that will offer the company’s fastest speeds of the new spectrum.

The company says it is rolling out a new network that is a step in the evolution of its network, which was originally designed to work in the lower band of 2.4 GHz, the band where LTE-A, 4G, and 5G have a competitive edge.

The new LTE 4G LTE network, called Verizon LTE 4.4G, is designed to deliver up to 10x faster data speeds than its predecessor.

Verizon said that it will roll out the network in cities where it has been able to do so.

It also says it will deploy a new, high-bandwidth wireless network, dubbed Verizon LTE 5G, to provide faster speeds to rural areas, as well as in densely populated urban areas.

The network will support 3G and 4G speeds, and the company said it will continue to upgrade its network to include new services and devices as it adds more spectrum.

Verizon is also testing LTE 4K.

Verizon says the new LTE service will be available in the U.S. in July, with a launch planned for September.

Verizon also says its LTE 5.0 service will launch in September.

Verizons LTE service is a bit pricier than its LTE 3G service, but it will cost about $60 per month, the company says.

Verions LTE service has the same LTE bands as its 4G network, but is a little faster, with speeds of up to 25 Mbps.

Verizon says the LTE service’s 4G speed can be enhanced with an upgrade, and it can handle more data in the same time period.

Verzionos LTE 5GHz service is expected to launch in early 2018, and will be rolled out on Verizon devices later that year.