India to give its first-ever virtual reality headset to employees

The government will give its employees the first-of-its kind virtual reality goggles to help them perform tasks such as work-related testing, according to a report.

According to NDTV, a government department will give each employee a VR headset with a “highly advanced processing” system that will allow them to “experience and interact with the virtual world” while working in a team.

The VR headsets will be made by an Indian company called Ouroboros, which has a track record of producing innovative VR products such as the Google Glass glasses, the Oculus Rift headset and the Gear VR virtual reality headgear.

Ouroborus, founded by Rajesh Sharma, has built a reputation as a supplier of innovative VR devices.

The company recently announced a partnership with Google for a new Google Glass headset.

The first headsets will only be given to employees who have been given clearance by the central government.

The goggles will also be able to be used by a limited number of government employees.

NDTV said Ourobres will also allow the government to better train employees on VR technologies and provide the products to government-owned IT companies.

According, a company representative said the company was “in talks with the government on the issue”.

NDTV reported that the goggles will be developed at a cost of $250,000 each, but did not provide further details.

India is a fast-growing tech hub with a huge amount of investment, especially in the telecom sector.

The country’s tech sector is currently worth around $6 trillion, according the IT and Communications Technology Board (ITBC).