NHL players react to blood type test

NHL players were quick to react when they heard the news that they would have to undergo a blood type-specific blood test on their way to the ice for the first time this season.

With the NHL season just three weeks away, here’s a look at what players were thinking about the upcoming tests.

For the record, I am a male.

Ryan McDonagh, Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman and captain, tweeted: @DakotaMcDonagh Ryan wants to know why we got to go through a blood test before the season starts.

What happens if I have a blood typing problem?

Kurtis Foster, Vancouver Canucks forward, tweeted that he was disappointed to hear the news.

Will this test be mandatory for all players?

Nicklas Jensen, New Jersey Devils goaltender, tweeted he was confused by the tests.

I’m sorry.

Can I still play?

Viktor Fasth, Minnesota Wild forward, said he was a little surprised by the news, and wondered if the NHL was testing players for a “false positive.”

What if I get a false positive?

Erik Karlsson, Minnesota Vikings forward, asked if there would be any impact on the players’ training schedules.

Can we all be happy that the NHL is testing players in advance of the season?

Roland McKeown, Dallas Stars forward, was also surprised by this news.

What if the blood test results are false positives?

Brett Connolly, Arizona Coyotes defenseman, was even more surprised, saying, “No.

I’m not surprised at all.

The NHL is making sure we get tested before the start of the regular season, and that’s what we’re testing for.”

In the past, blood type tests have only been done for NHL players, but this is the first season the league will test all players at once.

The tests will be administered in conjunction with the NHL Players’ Association, which will decide on a blood testing protocol for players from the league’s 30 teams.

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