How to get your blood test results in two minutes

A new technology from Covid-19 testing company MicroVac that lets you see your blood levels of the virus is coming to Canada.

Covid-20, the second major coronavirus strain to hit Canada, is already killing Canadians and has already caused more than 7,000 hospitalizations.

The company’s tests can detect covid in the blood and saliva and other body fluids.

“You can get your C-20 results in less than two minutes,” said Dr. Marc Kuchling, CEO of MicroVacs test service.

He said MicroVax will test saliva and urine as well as blood samples, but the tests don’t need to be taken inside a lab.

“If you are sick, you want to have a positive result,” Kuchlings tests can show.

He says he’s tested more than a million people and expects that to increase as more tests are issued.

“There are people out there that are sick that will get positive results and then they don’t have the symptoms,” Kichlings said.

The tests also work on animals and humans.

“This is a very easy way to find out how the virus behaves and is being transmitted,” said MicroVision co-founder and CEO Alex Whelan.

Kuchlning says MicroVact has tested hundreds of thousands of people in Canada, with the results coming back as soon as the blood test is complete.

The test is a “gold standard” in the coronaviruses field, Whelans says.

“Covaccids are a very, very serious disease,” said Whelanas testing of more than 100 people, but said people are usually diagnosed with the virus when they get sick.