Trump: ‘I can’t imagine’ that he’ll be impeached

Donald Trump on Wednesday defended his decision to ignore Senate rules and allow a vote on his impeachment before he was impeached, saying he would not have been able to pass the measure with the votes he had.

“I was going to veto the bill,” Trump said in a tweet.

“But I would have been impeached.

I would be impeachable for a reason.”

Trump had said earlier this week that he was not in a position to veto a bill that passed the Senate without his support, and the president said Tuesday he would try again to impeach Trump on Monday if the Senate voted to hold a hearing.

In a tweet, Trump said that “I can imagine” he could be impeachable if the House of Representatives did not agree to hold the impeachment hearing, according to CNN.

The House of Representative is set to convene on Wednesday to consider Trump’s impeachment resolution.

Trump’s team was not immediately available for comment.

The president has been in the headlines for weeks with his controversial statements about the Black Lives Matter movement and police brutality, and he has often blamed the protests on protesters.

The Senate is expected to vote on Trump’s impeachable offenses as soon as Thursday.

The impeachment resolution has been opposed by Democrats and some Republicans.

The bill would authorize the president to be removed from office without the consent of Congress if he is convicted of a crime, is found guilty by a jury or is found not to be a “high crime or misdemeanor.”

Trump has repeatedly denied he was aware of any evidence that he committed any crimes or had any role in the protests, and has suggested that he did not intend to have the impeachment vote.

“No, I didn’t know what was going on,” he told NBC News on Wednesday.

“Nobody did.”