How to tell if you’re ovulating

A test that can help you determine if you are ovulating may help you avoid pregnancy.

New tests from a company called Ovulation-Stimulating Chemicals are being offered to women who have been given the test.

A study by the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine found the new ovulation tests can help women who are struggling with infertility by letting them know when they are ovulated.

“The test can help identify women who may have a difficult time ovulating because they are taking anti-depressants and/or taking an anti-ovulatory medication, and by doing this, they can help manage their stress and anxiety,” said co-lead author Dr. Paul J. Molloy, professor of medicine in the UCI School of Health Sciences.

Ovulation tests are used by some fertility clinics to identify women at risk for pregnancy if they are not getting enough estrogen during ovulation.

Women who take these new tests can receive a prescription for hormone-boosting supplements, which can increase their ovulation rate, Mollox said.

The test also can detect if a woman is dehydrated during ovulating and help to assess her overall health, he said.

Ovulating women with no symptoms can have their ovaries tested without a prescription, Molla said.