How to test wifi and make sure you’re on the best WiFi hotspot

You might not have heard about wifi hotspot yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t test it. 

You can find out if you have hotspot by running an wifi test and the results can be seen in the WiFi Sense app.

The test can show you how fast wifi is and can even tell you if you need to upgrade your router, but you may also want to test it for other things too. 

A wifi test will only take a few seconds and is very easy to do, even if you don’t have any wifi access. 

The best thing about wifi tests is that they don’t require you to use a smartphone, tablet or other device.

You can use a simple piece of equipment, such as a small USB port, to test the wifi connection. 

Here’s how to do a wifi test on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. 

What you need: A smartphone or tablet that supports wi-fi connectivity