The internet test that could save your life

The internet can help you manage bipolar disorder better, and now there is a test you can take online to get the results you want.

The internet test is the brainchild of an Australian couple who decided to use the test to test whether they had the condition.

“We were looking for the internet to help us manage bipolar disease,” said Sarah White, who is the founder of Mood Disorders Australia.

“When I had bipolar disorder I felt like there was something wrong with my brain and that I didn’t know what was going on.”

Ms White was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 22 and the condition has affected her life for the past four years.

“I didn’t feel good, I didn, like, have a good relationship with my parents,” she said.

“It’s hard for me to get through the day.

I feel so depressed, like I can’t function.”

And so we were really looking for an alternative.

“The couple started looking for a test to help them track their bipolar condition, but found one that did not come up in the results section.”

There was a website that was basically just asking for your name, your date of birth and your symptoms and all of that,” Ms White said.”[It was] just like the internet wasn’t there for us.”‘

We thought that would be pretty easy to use’In the end, they decided to test themselves.”

The internet tests use a battery of sensors to collect information about your mood, which are then sent to a computer and analysed.”

And we thought that, hey, this would probably work, it might work well, and we’d be able to use it without too much trouble.”

The internet tests use a battery of sensors to collect information about your mood, which are then sent to a computer and analysed.

The data from the test is then sent back to the couple, who then can compare the results to what is known about their disorder.

The test is a free online tool, and will help anyone struggling with bipolar symptoms.

“The internet is a very powerful tool, there’s no other way to understand the brain or to measure your brain,” Ms Whit said.

The couple now have a test and are planning to use their test in the future.

“You can get the test online, you can get it from a doctor, you don’t have to go to a clinic,” Ms Brown said.

You can see how the internet test works in this short video:The internet was initially designed as a way to help people manage their bipolar disorder and they hoped it would help them to manage their anxiety.

“People with bipolar disorders are at a great disadvantage because they have to cope with anxiety because they don’t know how to manage it,” Ms Green said.

Ms White said they thought it would be easy to test someone using the internet, but they realised it would not work well.

“So we thought, well, let’s make a real online test,” Ms Whites said. 

“It was really just a matter of putting it together.” 

The test was developed in partnership with Australian company iMedis.