Which of these three questions is better for the flu?

India has seen a surge in cases of the coronavirus, which has been circulating at a high level since the end of last year.

The latest figures released by the World Health Organisation show the country now has 2,726 new coronaviruses detected in India, with more than 40,000 cases confirmed.

However, the number of deaths, which fell from 958 to 797, has also risen dramatically.

What is the best way to catch the flu and protect yourself?

The WHO recommends people avoid outdoor activities, such as going outside and swimming, and don’t smoke.

This means a full-body mask and gloves when outdoors, and wearing a face mask when indoors.

In terms of protection, you should wear a hat, scarf and face mask indoors and outside.

This is because the virus spreads best when people are close to each other.

You should also wear gloves if you are coughing, sneezing or coughing.

You can get the flu if you cough or sneeze while you’re outdoors.