How to get the paternity test in Singapore

Rohan Mathew is the founder and CEO of rpr, a Singapore-based test and privacy company.

He has a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Singapore.

He says Singapore’s laws are among the best in the world.

The country has strict guidelines to protect privacy and data.

“The way we can do that is by making it very clear that when we get a test, we are only providing it to our partners, not to our customers,” he says.

For Rohan, the reason for making it clear is to protect data.

Singapore has a strong privacy law.

If you’re going to do something, then it should be done in a transparent manner and that’s why you have to have this kind of legislation.

If you want to get a paternity test, you have got to comply with the law.

Rohan says the company has to be transparent about the process of getting a paternity sample, and that the company should also have the data about who is getting the test and what their rights are.

For now, Rohan says Singapore has the best laws in the country.

“They’re not perfect, but I think they’re the best there is,” he said.

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