The Official TV Guide: How to Get Your Blood Type (and Other Blood Tests) on TV

The TV Guide’s Official Blood Type Test is an official test for blood type.

The test uses an antibody test to check the level of your red blood cells (RBC) and your platelets (plasma) in your blood.

If you’re positive for one of these markers, your blood type is more likely to be O. A person who has O blood type has an easier time getting tested for O blood.

But if you have AB blood type, you may not get tested for AB blood.

This is because your RBC and platelets are also different than the red blood cell type.

This can result in some problems when it comes to getting tested, including confusion and not being recognized as having O blood, according to the official TV Guide website.

Here’s how to get your blood types on TV.

The official TV guide tests blood type using antibodies, which are proteins made in your body that give your body information about your blood group.

A type is assigned by your immune system to the specific protein that makes it up.

For example, you have Type O, Type AB, and Type O+, but not Type A, A+, or AB blood types.

This test can also give you more specific information about a person’s blood type and health.

Some people don’t have Type AB blood and can have other blood types, such as B, B+ or BAB.

Some types of blood type are not tested for on TV because they’re considered less likely to pass on certain types of diseases.

Type A blood is the only type of blood that isn’t tested for, but you can get tested if you meet the other conditions.