Why the nuclear stress testing in NYC is the biggest yet

Nuclear stress testing is the largest nuclear test that has ever been conducted in the U.S. but experts say the test is only the latest step in the testing program that has been underway since 2013.

The test, which is scheduled for Tuesday, is the culmination of years of testing conducted at the site of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant and other sites around the country, according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

It comes after the agency in April concluded that the radiation from the Fukushima nuclear power plant was more than 90 times as high as previously thought.

The commission said the test will show the level of radiation that would be emitted by the plant and its surrounding areas, as well as its ability to be triggered by earthquakes.

Nuclear stress tests are conducted at all of the U-235 nuclear fuel production sites that were shut down in Japan.

The sites are also where plutonium is processed into weapons-grade fuel for the U’s nuclear arsenal.

“There is no question this test is a tremendous milestone,” said Jim Loehr, director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

“This is the first nuclear stress, and the first to be done on a site like this in the United States,” he said.NRC chairman, Lawrence Walsh, told NBC News that he’s confident the test was “not a fluke.”

“It is not a flout, it is a reasonable and prudent step,” he told reporters.

Loehr also said the agency is looking at whether the test could be used to evaluate whether the city is ready for the 2020 Olympics.